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Green bean casserole

Güveçte taze fasulye (*) Casserole green beans

Güveçte taze fasulye (*) Casserole green beansMeat Fresh Beans Recipe
250 gr boned lamb,
4 cloves of garlic,
1 kg fresh beans,
1 piece of onion,
1 tablespoon chili pepper,
3 tea spoon salt,
1 tea spoon black pepper,
2 teaspoons flake of pepper,
4 glasses of hot water,
4 tablespoons liquid oil.




Meat with Fresh Beans in Stew

I want to clean and clean the fresh beans.

I wash the left water and drain the water.

Let’s garlic and onion finely chop and garnish.

I add liquid oil on it and I try to soteyelim.

Then add the meat and mix it.

I’ll add the slag and cook it until it smells.

Then add the fresh beans and cook until it turns yellow.

Then add water, salt, flake pepper and black pepper and mix.

I close the lid and cook it in the low heat until the beans soften.

Serve our Fresh Meat Foil in hot potatoes hot.

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