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Water Patty



8 water glass flour,
5 eggs,
1 tea spoons salt,
some warm water,
half a pound of cheese,
half a bunch parsley,




How To Make Water Patty:
Flour, eggs, salt and with warm water kneaded a bit stiff dough. Thoroughly kneaded dough for half an hour rest. After 9 is equal glands done. These glands a bit thick pop-up 7 sheet of dough where clean laid separately. The remaining 2 sheet of dough one well-oiled big round a tray laid. Other sheet of dough for the latest up 4 folding put aside. In the meantime big a pot water filled boil and put a little salt. In a pot filled with cold water. Mild dry sheet of dough one by one ago hot water after removed taken cold water is taken. Drain excess water and the tray is laid. On each sheet of dough sprinkled with a little oil. Fourth sheet of dough cheese and a mixture of finely chopped parsley,is placed on an equal basis. Finishing the prcess in this way uppermost allocated sheet of dough boiled laid. on the stove cooked on each side of the equal. After turn with the aid of a tray pastty put a little more oil in the tray and cooked in the same manner.
Good appetite..su-boregi

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