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Nostradamus … According to some people, one of the greatest charlatans seen in history is a true oracle who will not come to the same world again.

A book title above … Fontbrune was a real authority in the field of Nostradamus and prophecies. Lost his life in 2010, Fontbrune has used many ways in interpreting Nostradamus’s famous quartets, including word-word translation, deciphering of anagrams, and historical and astrological data. One feature I have seen in this book is that Fontbrune brings diverse readings to many different places (internet, newspapers, and other books), and even different prophecies of Nostradamus, which are very well known.

In this book, which was published in French in 1995, the quarrels, which clearly indicate the attacks on the Twin Towers on 11 September, have caused great repercussions all over the world.

Here are the lines of Jean-Charles de Fontbrune on September 11 of Nostradamus;
“A person with a fanatical worldview,
It will cause the whole world to be in horror.

Such an event will happen;
Because of Iraq, the Christian world will suffer terrible sorrows. ”
Jean-Charles de Fontbrune has been recognized as the most serious and true writer of Nostradamus’ prophecies since 30 years. Those who ignored the prophecies he made about fanatic Islamism and the dangers he posed on a television program called on May 23, 1999 (Brenard Pivot “Bouillon de Culture”) were terrified by the attacks on September 11, 1999 and the writer gained great respect.

In short, who is Nostradamus?

He was born in France as the son of a Jewish family who emigrated from Italy on 14 December 1503. The family became Catholic with intense repression of the inquisition. Nostradamus, whose extraordinary talents emerged at a young age, studied medicine, astrology, astronomy, philosophy, Greek, Latin and Hebrew. He started medical education at Montpellier University. He announced his name as a “wonderful doctor” in his struggle against the plague epidemic, but unfortunately he could not save his wife and two children.

After this great destruction, mobile medicine began. He settled in Salon de Provence, remarried, and had six children. In 1550 he began publishing annuals and diagnoses. In 1555 he published his prophecies for the first time. In 1559 he was well-known for the prophecy of King Henry II. He became the palace physician and astrologer. He died on July 2, 1566.
Nostradamus has received hundreds of pens throughout his life and has had many prophecies. Some of them did not happen and others did not. Here are some of them:

The French king II.Henry, who suffered two heavy blows from his head in a double-spear fight on horseback, died on July 1, 1559.
A great fire broke out in London in the summer of 1666.

On October 16, 1793, Marie Antoinette was executed.
Adolf Hitler was born at Branau Am Inn on April 20, 1889.
In 1945, Hitler got married and died.
In 1948 the state of Israel was established.

In 1954 the United Arab Republic was established.

In 1990, an Arab leader (Saddam Hussein) in the Middle East headed all over the West.

According to the writer, there are only a few very special people who are equipped with all of the many talents in human history. Nostradamus was one of those rare talents, even if Leonardo Da Vinci had made detailed models of submarines, helicopters, etc., which no one could imagine, and Einstein explained the theory of relativity without any evidence.

The theory of how Fontbrune realized Nostradamus’ prophecies is, however, quite brave: that he is a time and a parallel navigator of the universes, and that he can portray events so detailed and accurately.

Nostradamus has a prophecy, and it is quite creepy. It may have calculated the last solar eclipse of the last millennium of August 11, 1999, though with vast knowledge of astronomy. But the August 17, 1999 earthquake that drowned us all was in the same year. There is also a quarrel about this subject according to the church. Nostradamus commanded that this solar eclipse informed the descent of the Antichrist to the Earth and that for twenty-five years (1999-2025) all nations would vibrate with sorrows, wars and destructions, and that the world would return. However, at the end of 25 years, the earth has also heralded the beginning of the new Golden Age.

According to the book of Nostradamus 1999-2025, there are 4 unrealized prophecies and unfortunately the name of Turkey is one. Prophecy is like this:
Mars, Sun, Venus Arslan burcada,

The Arab prince, the dominion of the church will be at sea.
More than a million people will unite in Iran.
The real snake will enter Turkey and Egypt.

I leave a detailed comment on one of the summaries:

“More than a million more troops will be gathered in Iran and the Chinese (snakes) will attack Turkey and Egypt after the Arab commander brings the Western armies together.”

We will all see together in this year our lives that this creepy prophecy will come true, but there is something that Nostradamus really has foreseen. Everywhere we are, cheap Chinese goods are so fried!

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