How to wear mini skirt in winter


Mini skirts may be among the indispensable clothing pieces in winter as well as for some of us. However, the cold weather outside can break your courage to wear a mini skirt. In order to be able to wear a mini skirt without worrying about coldness and coldness in winter, the style recommendation I will soon recommend is perhapslife saver! Here are the ways of wearing mini skirts in winter …

1- Choose the right skirt. So if your skirt is mini-sized, be careful that it is suitable for winter as a fabric and in a style to warm you up. You can get it from woolen fabrics, velvet or tweed fabric skirts.

2- Wear with opaque socks. Acquire the thick pads of opaque socks and wear them with your mini skirts. Especially in the winter you will often wear mini skirts, I recommend you to get thick opaque black socks. And do not forget the fact that the black opaque sock is very stylish and will make your legs look thinner than they are.

3- Wear the straps. On very cold days you can wear tights with your mini skirts, because tights are thicker than opaque socks. Of course, what you need to be aware of here is that your tights are in the same tone as yours / your boot or your legs and your legs are wrapped like a sock.

4- Put on your knee-high socks. You can combine your mini skirts by wearing your knee-high stockings over your thin socks. You will finish with boots and boots and you will be signed with a cool and stylish boot.

5- Wear long mantle. You can wear your mini skirts with wool mantles extending down to your knees. Moreover, this season there are beautiful long mantle models!    4
6- Get a boot on the knee or knee. From the season trends of knee-high boots … If you are a mini-skirt wearer, you can get knee-highs. With a combination of mini skirts, flat top boots and opaque socks, you get a stylish and warm outfit.


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