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What is the Bohemian (Bohemian) clothing style, how to wear it and the small style fingers associated with it … Bohemian clothing can be described as a reflection of a lifestyle that emerged in the late 1960s and 1970s. Actually, the word “Bohemian” comes from the gypsies. I have to say that this lifestyle is as free and comfortable as the gypsies, and the people who love the life and have the traveler’s spirit. The fact is that people who can not afford to spend too much money in their rituals tend to create a style with a lower budget.
When we look at the sun, we hear that the concept of “Boho Chic” is used rather than Bohemian. In fact, Boho Chic; It means that the latest fashion pieces are fused with Bohemian style. Bohemian style is not anxious about fashion, but we see today’s bohemian-style trending pieces being worn together with Bohemian pieces. Although it is against the Bohemian philosophy, it is now necessary to say that wearing such a clothing style is a way of putting money on pieces of famous designers. What are the prominent points in the Bohemian style, let’s take a look …


Spice Tones and Patterns

A wonderful term “spice tones” that expresses the main colors of the bohemian clothing style. Many pieces of clothing that attract color attract attention with their designs. The main patterns of the Bohemian style are listed; Shawl pattern, floral pattern, batik / ombre fabrics, tribal and suzani patterns are all on the list.


Maxi Length Skirts and Dresses

Maxim skirts and dresses of bohemian style are indispensable … Bohemian-style style icons are displayed with long skirts and dresses in summer and winter.


Tasseled Accessories

Tasseled bags, jackets or boots are important accessories of the bohemian style … Especially suede suede parts have an important place in bohemian style.


Knitting and lace parts

In Bohemian, the first parts come to mind are crochet hooks and lace pieces.


Hats and Jewelry

Fedora, cowboys and volcano hats have a very important place in bohemian style. It is necessary to say that straw hats in summer are frequently used in this style. Another important accessory of the Bohemian style is wearing … There should be hair accessories such as hair band, scarf and flower crown in a bohemin cabinet outside the hat. As jewelry; It is important to note that bracelets and cuffs that are worn over the top are often used, while boots in the form of feathers or studs are also important in bohemian style. Jewelery made of natural stones and wooden beads is often preferred.


Bohemian Boats

Boots and boots with wooden heels are among the most commonly used items in Bohemian style … In addition to suede, leather parts are also preferred in choosing shoe, which is generally preferred for coffee and beige tones. Also, it should be reminded that classical cowboy boots are also an important part of this style …


Kimono jackets, caftan clothes

Bohemian style is the most used style of ethnic parts. So one day, while Turkish business can wear a caftan dress, the next day you can get a kimono jacket inspired by the Japanese. Did not we say that those Bohemian-style souls are free?


Flare & Spanish Trousers

It is impossible to encounter Flare or Spanish trousers on the cabinet of someone dressed in Bohemian style. One of the most important pieces of the 70’s, these pants were undoubtedly one of the indispensable pieces for the Bohemian style of the same period.



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