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How To Build Rosehip (Rosa Canina) Creek


How To Build Rosehip (Rosa Canina) Creek

How to make rosehip tea is akusburnunun-faydalari teapot you can drink with a rich flavor of rosehip tea. You need to use dried fruit to prepare rosehip tea.

If you do not get the fruits ready, first clean the flowers and stalks of the fruits. Help to dry them by dividing the rosehip fruit into 2-3 pieces.

We recommend that you choose a wooden knife to preserve vitamin C when dividing fruit alone. Do not ever deal with the seeds inside the berry, they do not need to be cleaned. But do not put the fruits in direct sunlight. To protect their color, they need to be dried in the shade.
Otherwise you will lose the unique color of rosehip fruit. The fruit is dried at 60-80 degrees. Determines how long the factors such as the oddness of the fruit, the parts that are divided, the circulation of the air and the temperature will dry up. You should dry the fruit and the place should not be damp and damp. This will cause the rosehip fruit to mold later. After the dryness, the fruits should be stored in a cloth bag to be protected from moisture if they are to receive air.
1-) How is the rosehip tea brewed?

To prepare the rosehip tea, you need only the water and rosehip dried to 2 sweet spices. Whether you like it or not, set it yourself, buy it ready from a transfer you know.
Rinse the rosehip fruit thoroughly before you brew the tea. First, boil the dried fruit in hot water. This is the first boil to do so only to soften the juices of the fruit. For this reason, it does not come out much during boiling

. After that, you can boil the fruit in another hot water to prepare the tea. Since harmful substances do not emerge as you wait in the rosehip tea, you can consume the time you want. You can add different aromas such as cloves, cinnamon and bergamot into tea if you wish. However, the rosehip tea will have its own unique taste to drink.
The rosehip tea is quite rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is necessary for calogenesis, which is considered an important component of skin and connective tissue. It increases the resistance of the body to colds, flu, febrile diseases, colds. Helps prevent bleeding by strengthening the vein walls. Because antioxidant is a fruit, it causes carcinogenic effects with other vitamins in the body. Allows to be used, releasing debris taken with food. For this reason, we recommend you to drink rosehip tea hot in winter, cold in summer. If you make it a habit, you can take advantage of the beneficial effects of the rosehip juice.

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