Batman is gay?


Batman is gay?

 A theory that has come out of Batman’s comics has been about being gay. Readings were made over the relation of the bat cave, which was hidden in the flashy chateau and the shrine. Are these claims true?



The castle was thought to be the ‘normal’ personality, while the suppressed person was coded as a bat cave. The way in which the entrance and exit of the cave is processed is seen as a reflection of Batman’s sexual orientation. Batman’s lover, Robin with long socks …


Batman is exposed to a colorful chemistry (homosexual chemistry) used by this union in the 1937 ‘Chemical Trade Union Case’ story. This chemical changes Bruce Wayne’s movements and habits.

The interest in expensive cars and fashion is on the rise. Wayne has trouble sleeping in the nights and wants to make masochistic fantasies on men. Wayne ultimately ties these demands to chemical producers. He disguises himself to infiltrate the factory where these chemicals are produced.


After turning to Batman wearing leather clothes, Bruce Wayne is devoting himself to struggling with the night. The desire to dominate other men turns into an obsession. Batman prefers not to kill the criminals so that they can remain free throughout almost all the comic life, and thus does not get the chance to grapple again with the criminals they have caught.


In Batman v Superman, Superman is treated like a prophet, while Batman is treated as a harder masochist who does not care about injury or even enjoys it. This filmin name could be Homosexual or Christian.


Homosexuality in Batman and Superman


One of the details that stood out in Batman and Superman was that Batman was not a lover. His emotional relationships were with Alfred and Superman. It may be up to him to stop and help him when he decides to kill Superman. At the end of the film is a romantic sentence like ‘I will not let you down in my life, I will not let you down in the face of death’. What else can Batman, who uses guns to stop Superman, have to do is to make a spear instead of bullets from kryptonite to kill, to screen Superman?

This “theory” confirmed?

At least as far as we know, Batman’s creator and copyright owner, DC Comics, or Warner Bros. who holds Batman’s film rights. There is no denying this theory from the face, nor does it approve. How can we confirm that this theory seems to be quite consistent in appearance? Probably DC or Warner Bros. It is unlikely to confirm without bringing a theoretical explanation from the ceiling.

This theory is not the first theory that comes out about a popular culture icon. Probably not the last. Because we work so that people can fill in the gaps between the minds of successive events and ensure that they arrive at the correct or wrong team entities. This phenomenon, known as the Apopeni, is apparently consistent, but it actually allows us to reach some conclusions without any scientific or real evidence. These results are often confronted by global or local conspiracy theories. In fact, it is not true that these are theories, not the definition of theory, the hypothesis can be a more accurate word choice.

In Ben Affleck’s own written and directed films, we can capture the details that this ‘hypothesis’ can support, yet we do not know, but let’s face it in a corner of our mind. After this hypothesis, Batman can offer a different perspective and enjoyable navigation while watching or reading.


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