Full winter house! We carried the Bohemian Scandinavian spirit home


Full winter house! We carried the Bohemian Scandinavian spirit home.

bohem3What is Scandinavian style home decoration?
It is a modern home style created with a simple design. This style of lean, minimalist lines dominates Denmark, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Scandinavian countries. What is the basis of the colors of the elegant Scandinavian style home decoration?
White and purple walls, light color furniture, black and colored accessories. We can be quite inspired by the meaning of Scandinavian decoration from Ikea. Light colors, especially whites, are preferred, while the walls provide a fresh view.
Wood and white furniture are accompanied by this spaciousness. Black and colored accessories add a little vitality to this ambience and make the environment more mobile.

  1. Suggestions for Decoration

– First, prepare the most appropriate environment for large illuminated candlesticks and mirrors to illuminate the house,
– Add natural objects such as fresh flowers, pebbles, tree logs to the house,
– If you prefer a wallpaper, choose from light colors and minimalist lines,
-If you are going to use upholstery, you can choose to have your carpets and bohemrugs in striped and plain tones,
-You can decorate your canvas with plenty of colorful and different models of cloisters,
– You can keep the mustard color and reddish front plate to add ethnic texture to the decoration,
-You should try to use details such as an embroidery, embroidered cover,
– Be careful to use white, purple, nil green, light yellow tones, which are usually light and pastel shades in the rounds,

  • If you use furniture, you can choose lacquer, birch, white pine and beech.

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