Baby Bombshell: Investigator Claims He May Have Found Janet Jackson’s Alleged Secret Daughter!


The mystery surrounding Janet Jackson’s alleged secret daughter may finally be solved.

In RadarOnline.Com’s exclusive preview clip from tonight’s episode of WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop, Kristinia the daughter of Jackson’s ex-husband James DeBarge visits a celebrity private investigator, who drops a bombshell about the puzzling case.

(The 53-year-old R&B singer exclusively told Radar last spring that he believes his famous ex-wife, now 50 and pregnant, could have secretly given birth to his baby.)

During the clip, Hollywood detective Jay Rosenzweig tells Kristinia, 26, that he may have found her long-lost sister.

“Your dad told me it’s possible that her name is Renee,” he says. “I got one hit!”
The woman was born outside Los Angeles, which the P.I. Assures Kristinia is “not unusual.”
“If a celebrity or someone doesn’t want their family or friends or anyone to know they gave birth, you do it outside L.A. County,” he claims. “So it’s possible the person may be the child that Janet Jackson gave up.”

He then refers to Radar’s exclusive story about Michael Jackson’s confidante Dr. Conrad Murray’s allegation that he spoke with James about Janet’s hush-hush- daughter when they were in prison together four years ago. (Murray was sentenced to four years on involuntary manslaughter charges following the King of Pop’s death ; James özgü served time on assault and drug charges.)

“If there’s anybody who knows information about the Jackson family, it’s probably Conrad Murray,” Kristinia tells the cameras. “I’m starting to believe that my dad is telling the truth!”

Despite her ex’s shocking claims, Janet özgü never commented on the scandal.

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