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Healthy tea recipes to warm up during the winter months


Healthy tea recipes to warm up during the winter months

Who can say “no” to a hot chocolate that smokes on the smoke with the cooling of the air or cinnamon apple tea that smells like …

These beverages, which both heat you and protect your health, are among the indispensable of winter months.
However, in order to prevent the health of these beverages, you must hisse attention to their quantity and construction. Otherwise, these drinks can harm you very much. Acıbadem bölme Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Kamuran Diðdem Ozkahya gives information about healthy drinks that warm up during the winter months.

Apple tea against cough

One of the healthiest fruits of winter months is apple … Thanks to the antioxidant vitamins such as E and C in it, it protects both your skin and your immunity. Thanks to the fiber structure of the apple, it also prevents indigestion problems. It also strengthens the immune system with its fibrous structure and contained flavonoids and is a shield against diseases.

In these days when the weather is quite cold, apple tea protects you from diseases such as colds and flu. In addition, softening the throat can prevent coughing. The carnation you add to your tea protects your heart health by preventing blood clotting thanks to its eugenol. Black pepper accelerates the circulation and removes the micros from your body.

1 apple
2-3 cloves
2-3 seeds of black pepper
1 cinnamon


Slice the apple into the boiling water with the shells. Throw away the carnations, black pepper and cinnamon into boiling water in a cheesecloth. Tuck the lemon inside to make the apples disappear. When you are well and get the color, take it from January. After a while you can add lemon and a small amount of honey depending on your wishes. A low-calorie vitamin store can consume this tea in a sugar-free amount.

Orange ginger tea that strengthens immunity

Perhaps one of the healthiest of winter teas is special herbal tea made from ginger. Although taste does not seem very delicious for most people, ginger does not end up counting the benefits. It protects your heart health, strengthens your immunity. Thanks to the protease found in its roots, it facilitates digestion. It also suppresses the nausea and helps remove the gas problem. By sweetening it with orange or lemon you can brew both a delicious and healthy ginger tea. As long as the orange ginger tea is sugar-free, you can drink as much as you like.


1 root ginger
1 orange
1 sweet spoon honey


Root ginger if you want to grated, if you do not ring in the ring to add boiling water. Take it out of the furnace after 10 minutes of shipment. Squeeze the orange and add this mixture. You can also taste lemon or honey.

Rose-fennel tea refining from winter stress

If you like different flavors, you can make a special tea by mixing the plants and fruits you can find easily in your home. It is possible to prepare a healthy and delicious tea with rose petals, fennel and lemon peel. Dried rose petals contain iron, calcium, magnesium and selenium minerals rich in C, E and A vitamins. It also adds flavor to your tea with its sweet aroma. Fennel leaves are accelerating the activity of your bowel, decreasing during cold winter days and reducing your stress by sedative effect.


Add the lemon leaves that you mix in a bowl and add lemon peel to increase the value of C vitamins as well as give flavor to the rejeney. You can also add a different aroma to your tea by adding cinnamon bark and dried blueberries. Linden, sage and rosehip we use frequently in practice are indispensable aromas of winter tea. You can find your own aroma to reflect your own tea style, you can brew these bits with the amount you want. But do not boil. Boil the water for a while, then wait in a teapot with brewing method.

Relaxing bitter chocolate, carob hot chocolate

When it comes to hot chocolate, one of the most important details to hisse attention to is undoubtedly calorie value. Of course, the materials used during construction can increase the calorie value considerably. However, it is also possible to make hot chocolate both delicious and healthy. When preparing your drink, instead of full-fat milk, low-fat, high-protein soy milk, almond milk or low fat cows prefer cows. This balances your daily calorie count.

If you have a sensitivity to lactose, you can choose almonds or soya milk. Your chocolate should be a bitter in chocolate that you will add to your smokes. Black chocolate balances blood pressure with a high anti-bleeding effect. Finally, you can add locust powder to your hot chocolate. Thanks to the gallic acid in its structure, carob bears anti-allergic and antibacterial effects. This effect also strengthens the immune system.


1 cup soya milk or almond milk
3 square bitter chocolate
1 carob


Turn the carob in the rond until it turns into powder. Heat your smoker. Add the bitter chocolate you melt in the Bénmari method. Add 1 tablespoon of carob powder and mix. And enjoy your hot chocolate. Bitter chocolate carob hot chocolate contains 212 calories. 8 grams of this calorie is met by the protein. However, drinking more than 1 cup a day increases the intake of calories.

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