8 formula of renewing yourself in the new year


8 formula of renewing yourself in the new year

The new year is just beginning for all of us, means new hopes … Every year, when it comes to an end, We regret some of them, we get sad … In some of them we are living the pleasure of giving the right decisions. These questions we repeat every year have only one reason; To live a happier, more peaceful and healthy life. However, sometimes we can drag ourselves to unhappiness due to our bad habits and thoughts, such as keeping our expectations too high, sometimes focusing too much on the negativities experienced or trying to catch up with everything. Sometimes we fall into the mistake of getting happiness by linking to the behavior and words of others, not ourselves. When we define ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams through others, we are far from happiness we seek.

Move away from the worry of perfection

The anxiety of being perfect began to become a common concern with what they had in the past. Trying to do everything well and try to do them in the best way, keeping the expectations too high, trying to challenge the time causes people to have intense worry and problems with it. Moving away from this anxiety that plays a major role in burnout makes it possible to get away from perfectness and be “as good as mere” to reduce one’s anxiety and achieve happiness in their accomplishments and everyday life routines.

Do not index happiness in a single area of ​​your life

For some, the only condition of happiness is the success of the individual, the role for the family for some, and the social position for others. Unless the whole field of investment is done as desired, motivation, feelings of helplessness and unhappiness can develop. Hayata looks at the wide window and knows the value of each area separately and focuses on them, makes them happy by removing negative emotions from their minds and reducing the effects of any.

Do not merciless the ending year, the past

A journey full of life’s ups and downs. At the end of each year, past-time accounting starts. However, too much focus on the negativities that are experienced pushes the good things to cover up and the desperate look of the person’s future. Realistic assessments always make it possible to look at the future positively.

Learn to appreciate and criticize yourself and others

In times of negativity we live, we can be in very cruel criticism against others and against ourselves. On the contrary, we can forget the value of the achievements and ignore the value of ourselves or others. In the new year, take care to make constructive, healthy criticisms when you live after yourself and then others, and to praise the achievements, positive behaviors.

Learn to donate

The traumas we are living in, the bumps we take can make us ruthless, to hold our grudge. These feelings lead to the way of consuming what we have experienced, but also consuming us from inside. Experience the healing effect of learning to forgive knowing the truth that everything can happen in life.

Identify your goals realistically

After evaluating a healthy year, setting a target motivates the person and reinforces his hope for the future. Try to set targets within your possibilities for the coming year. Otherwise you can not find what you are aiming for, but you can consume yourself and find your lost hope.

Be active, hobby, socialize

Current responsibilities, such as family and work, make you forget to add other things into your life. To be happy, put things in your life that you enjoy. Getting a hobby, doing sports, spending more time with your loved ones will ease the effects of everyday life stress.

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