No Unknown 20 Monetization Road


No Unknown 20 Monetization Road

Today we know different ways to make money. In the past, certain professions were thought to make money. Now, we are confronted with different business models, “40 years did not think I think” he says. This generation, of course, is a changing subject. Sample; It is very normal that a family member who earns money by making a writer today does not understand it. It’s not a business model. Today we met new business models with the development of technology and other living conditions. If you are informed of one of today’s features and you are an entrepreneur, you will see among many unimaginable methods. Nowadays, when you have a great resource like internet, you will develop yourself in the sense of earning both knowledge and money. Having an entrepreneurial gut and producing truly imaginable projects can help you make money by doing what you love. The creator of the so-called ‘slinky’ toy, known as a stress player in our country, is putting the stones it collects in the fancy boxes and selling it under the name ‘pet rock’. Now we want to talk about the methods of making money that are never known. Of course you may have heard of some of these methods. But if we take a look at it; You will see that there are not many ways to come to mind. Sample; It has never come to my mind to make money with friends. Likewise, you may not have thought of earning money by raising a bug that you are afraid of or when you are disgusted. Today’s developments and changing living conditions bring with it certain requirements. From these factors, unprecedented methods can make money for us.

Here are some of the more interesting, maybe ways I have never heard of and made money that never came to mind:


1 Making Insect Breeding

In future periods it is thought that more places will be given to insects in the food lists. You may have heard that there are too many insects in Chinese cuisine anyway. It is known that the people who cultivate animals such as grasshoppers, hamam beetles, silkworms provide a good profit. So much so that a person who grows silk beets can earn around 5000 lira on average in 40 days. Even the production of a filthy animal, such as a worm, is now making money. Well, how do these bugs grow and make money? Did you come to mind like a cockroach in a house where you could make money from a beef that might be my trouble in our homes? Yes, insect breeding is also one of the ways to make good money. These bugs are needed in sectors like medicine, pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, there are those who are used for eating like grasshoppers. You may have heard earlier about the silk bug.


2 Write a song

You can have a good musical knowledge and skills in writing songs. If so, I can say that you are lucky. With a piece you write, you can be both famous and you get really good profits. If you think your voice is not beautiful, you can sell it for someone else to say. If your voice is good, it is possible to earn money by uploading to video sharing sites. Who knows, maybe you might be famous because of a producer who visits your video channel.


3 Forex (Leveraged Buying and Selling)

 Almost everyone heard about the investments made in the stock exchange. Usually when we hear the stock market, my mind comes from stocks. For many people it does not seem to be a good way to make money because it brings in long-term earnings. But investing is one of the best ways to make money. As an alternative to the stock market, there is also a new generation of finance markets. At the beginning of these is the most advanced forex market. You can trade for $ 100 on the Forex market and profit by 100 times by leveraging the leverage system.
To put it briefly; The leverage ratio of 100 to 1 means that you are provided by the brokerage house. If you think you invested $ 100, you are dealing with $ 10,000 with the leverage ratio. As a result of the $ 100 transaction, you will earn $ 5 with a leverage system while you will make a profit of $ 5. After all, you get $ 500 from the $ 100 deal. Forex market is a completely legal and safe market. As long as you have your knowledge and experience, you can make transactions and earn money with minimal risk.

4 Friendship

You can think of how to make money from friendship and how ridiculous you can say it. But there are sites around the world where you can find friends based on the area you want. For example; You have gone to a place you never know and you are looking for someone who will be friends and spend time together. Friend rental sites come into play soon, and you can find friends with the features you want. I think that we will be able to face this issue in the near future even if there is not an attempt yet in our country.Do not think of dating sites as a matchmaking site. If you have a lot of social aspects and you like to have fun, you can earn money by making professional friendships with those who need it. You’ll also be making more money by having more fun than working.


5 Be a subject

Have you heard that it is possible to make money as a drug experiment? Perhaps the most fearful of the methods of making money. Because what is yet unknown effect of a drug, will be tried on you. Of course, the ear sounds terrible, but you should know that there are many who prefer this way. You also see the scenes you’ve seen in the movies come alive. Because that kind of situation is not really happening and you are not getting a mutation or closing the cell.You receive a certain fee for being a subject. Of course, everybody who wants to, can not be a subject. You have to go through various health checks first. According to the results of these tests, they choose you as subjects. Then you are in the clinic and you are subject to experiments in a controlled way. By doing some research on being a subject, you can get to the details and see if it is right for you.

 6 Host and Diet Food Making

Many people already know that you make money by cooking. But there is one side that is missing especially in our country. Special diets such as those on the diet and celiac disease are not common in our country yet. This is where you can get a good job by improving yourself. But you should never forget that this is different and more specific than normal cooking. For example; You should not have a person with gluten allergy, food with gluten content. That’s why you should learn these things first and know what your customers’ allergies are.Today, especially healthy living and diet foods, has begun to see great interest. By taking a short break, you can learn about these kinds of dishes. Then you can have a nice earning by finding a customer for yourself.


7 Stok Photography

You may have heard of making money by taking a photo. However, you may not have heard of money being paid for downloading the photos you uploaded to certain sites. This work, called stock photography, was discovered by Jon Oringer, one of Silicon Valley’s well-known names. At such a time, Jon discovered this business as the Silicon Valley’s first billionaire. Stock photography, which was launched in 2003, is very common nowadays. There are many stock photography sites and you can earn money by selling the squares you took here.When you do an image search on the internet, you will see that some of the images have text. You need to pay a certain fee so that you can get these pictures without writing. In this way, both the mediator site and the resident make money. If you have talent in such subjects as photography, drawing, graphic design, you can make money this way. 8 Using Away as an Advertising Patch Another job you can make money on a trip. Your car can be the advertising face of a particular brand, and you can only make money by traveling in crowded traffic. You will win money; It depends on your car model, brand, geographical location. If you are a careful driver and enjoy driving in the car, you should be aware of the points. You can rent your vehicle for advertising by talking to various agencies that do this job.


9 To make a social assistant

As you know, big bosses and managers always have an assistant. Apart from that, there is a lot of work; But there are also managers who do not want to have an assistant in the company. These people are people who prefer to use virtual assistants. This work, which has been heard in the last few years, is better than the office assistant. Because you can work in the comfort of your home. Also, when you want to go out, it will be enough for you to have your mobile device with internet connection.Virtual assistants organize meetings and daily tasks of the manager. They do this by mail or phone calls. In short, the arrangement of the files, the reminders of the meetings, the work to be done by an assistant such as controlling the speeches, online, virtual assistantship.

10 Viral Videos

Instead of reading something today, we prefer to learn from the videos shot in that direction. In this way, we are learning faster and more memorably. We also love to watch funny videos that let us relax by opening a video sharing site in coffee breaks in leisure time. While we are having fun and giving up, the owners of the videos are making money. Do not think how easy it is to work. Preparing, assembling and delivering the videos in a unique and remarkable way is something that is not easy at all. But as a result, you may be rich in Youtube.


11 Making Corn, Wheat and Cotton Trade

Do you know what common points are for products like corn, wheat, cotton, cocoa? Yes, they are all agricultural products; But there is also a point they share. All of these products are agricultural commodities and are traded on financial markets. You already know that a farmer earned money for doing this job; But as an investor, you did not know that you could make money from this business, did you? Let me know immediately how you will earn money with an agricultural product that you do not produce or that you do not have: Agricultural commodities, especially forex, are a lucrative investment vehicle for the next generation of markets. They are processed in non-physical forms and they make you money, even though they have never passed. Because when you buy at low price, you sell when they gain value. So these agricultural products do not need to be physically present in your hands. The point where you already make money is price changes. In addition to these, in an advantageous market like forex, you will be able to buy and sell these commodities and benefit from much better conditions. Leverage system and bi-directional processing, you can get a good profit from these agricultural products on forex.


12 Doing and repairing clothes

A woman is always confronted with ironing and clothes repair. Problems such as worn shirts, dropped buttons, burst seams are a part of everyday life. It is simple tasks; But a working woman can not always spare time for these things. For this reason, clothes to be ironed are collected, and what is to be planted is given to the tailor. At this point you can join in, ironing and repairing small clothes. If you have hand skills in these matters, you can get very good profits. You do not need extra skill to iron. You can do it with a little attention. As regards garment repair work, it is necessary that ‘your hand is holding the needle thread’. Sitting a falling button is already quite easy. The important thing is that you can do this job in a robust and clean way.


13 Downloading I think making money has never been so easy!

From where you sit, it’s possible to monetize just by downloading a few applications. If you are wondering how it will be, let me know immediately: there are some applications that work in the background of your phone. These applications do not listen to your private information, phone calls; But they follow the activities you do online. They also use it to improve marketing decisions. You’ll see a lot of ads from the page you’re looking for or on the internet all the time. That’s why you’re being watched. For example, you visited a shopping site to buy a shoe. These programs (and usually Google do that) save your searches and show you these shoe sites as ads when you come to a page that has nothing to do with them. You can earn money by helping companies like Google who want to improve their marketing and advertising. Even without high sums, it will surely be a nice addition.


 14 Towards Rural Tourism


If you are a village or have springs, we suggest you do some research on rural tourism. Because people who want to get rid of the noise and polluted air of cities want to spend their vacations here. Those who want to embrace with abundant oxygen, endless greens, gleaming air and peaceful silence have begun to value rural tourism. You can earn money by providing the environment for these people. But go ahead and do not plant a stone building. Organize the springs in a manner that is entirely natural. In fact, create a separate space for tent construction and make the necessary arrangements to address the needs. Rural tourism is often preferred by campers and naturalists. You can earn a good money by providing the necessary environment for those who want to stay together with nature instead of vacationing in five star hotels. But you should not forget that you need to make these people feel comfortable and come back again.


15 Toys doing to do

A few years ago, you may have heard of children who are disturbed by the materials the toys made of. This is exactly what we can say after we have met a new business model. Toys that are not made of plastic or painted materials have begun to be of interest. We all know how expensive licensed products are. Those who do not want to pay a high price for these toys have begun to make their own toys for their children. For those who do not have the ability to make toys, you can also undertake this task. If you are high on the hand you can make toys using various materials. Many babies, such as baby dolls, wooden cars and Legolas, can do so by using your hands. If you are able to market correctly, you can turn it into a regular business. But you should never take it out of your mind that your health is the frontal plan.


 16 Birthing to Rent

You may have a big house, even though you live alone. By renting this empty room, you can make money and find yourself one or more roommates. People living alone usually prefer houses with 1 + 1. But when they can not find a small house according to their wishes, they live in bigger houses. Here’s an advantage, you can rent your empty rooms. In addition to renting your house, it is also possible to earn money by renting a garage, parking space. For example; Your home may be a garage or private parking place even though you are not a car. Here you can get a nice income by renting it to the people who need it. Finding a secure parking place is a separate matter, while finding parking in big cities is a problem. That’s why you can make money by creating attractive offers.


17 Making Cork Growing

Some types of fungi are extremely rare; But they are very useful. At the same time, you may not know that a mushroom you found in your natural life is really useful or poisonous. At this point, mushroom farming is on the scene. Mushrooms grown on special conditions are used in many sectors. Perhaps you have seen the news of cousins ​​who produce oyster mushrooms. Here you can get a good income by following this path. Once you have learned what kind of mushroom, what kind of environment you will be able to grow, you can easily work. Because mushrooms are living creatures that easily reproduce when they find the necessary environment. If you do not make a mistake at this point, you can get a good result. You will also be able to earn a satisfactory income by linking with the right places.


18 Company to Find the Name and Slogan

You may often be using the phrase “I am, I agree”. For example; You may not like the slogan created for a name or advertisement given to a newly opened place. If so, here’s a super idea. If you really think you are creativity in finding names and slogans, you need to know that people around the world are making money this way. In a specially created website, people who are looking for names and slogans come together with creative people. In this way, both the business of the company owner is seen and you are making a lot of money in a fun way.

19 Listening to Music

 I seem to hear you say “No more!” If you are constantly looking for new songs to see you and you are a really good listener, this is for you. A worldwide web site is doing this and it is seen that the site with close to 14 million comments earned more than 1 million dollars in total. Listening to the necessary 90-second records to make comments and criticisms. There is a small fee for those who are starting to do this business; But as your experience score increases, you get a chance to win up to $ 10 per 90-second song you listen to!

20 Kutu Recycling

There are many people in our country who make money from recycling around the world even if they are not very sensitive about this issue. Recycling materials like metal, glass, plastic are a really good source of income. You can also get your empty cardboard boxes back as well. Only cardboard boxes that we care about while transporting represent a beautiful capital that makes money all over the world! The companies that do the recycling business are paying by the type and weight of the materials you bring. It is also known that pecuniary payments are made for precious recycling materials.



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