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Artful Seafood Gumbo


Did you create a masterpiece?

The seafood used in this recipe is only a suggestion. You may have more or less of an ingredient due to availability. This is a starting point with explanation to make your own, unique gumbo.



  • 1/2 Large White Onion, Diced
  • 2 Stalks Celery, 1/4 inch sliced
  • 1 Poblano Pepper, Diced
  • 10 Cloves Garlic, Minced
  • 4 Claws Crab
  • 4-5 Shrimp, Large
  • 12 oz Crawfish, Frozen
  • 8 oz Crab Meat, This comes in a plastic tub
  • 1 filet Flounder, or fish of your choice
  • 2 cups Okra, Frozen
  • 5 Tbsp Butter
  • 3 Tbsp Vegetable or Canola Oil
  • 7 Tbsp Flour
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • 1 tsp Seafood Boil, (Optional – I used Slap Ya Mama)
  • 2 Stalks Green Onion, Sliced
  • To Taste Salt & Pepper
  • Water &/or Stock, as desired

Put Some Love in Your Food

  1. Read all guidelines before beginning. I need to begin by discussing roux, as it is the most overwhelming part of making gumbo for most. Roux thickens your soup, as well as it can include a horde of flavors extending from cocoa margarine to pointedly nutty contingent upon to what extent you cook it. Roux is not hard to make, but rather it takes time and persistence. As the heart of the soup, you need to utilize some heart to make your roux. Be that as it may, you can do it in the event that you take as much time as is needed. In this formula I am joining oil with spread to raise the smoke purpose of the margarine. This mix will keep the margarine from smoldering as effectively, while keeping up the magnificent flavor spread grants. It will likewise back off the sautéing procedure, yet the exchange off is justified, despite all the trouble for a new kid on the block roux producer.
  2. Warm a little saute or sear skillet over medium low warmth. I had a cooking region of around 6 creeps in the search for gold formula. Any more and you chance a higher shot of smoldering. Include 3 Tbsp spread and 3 Tbsp oil. Whenever hot, include 5 Tbsp flour. I just add 5 to begin to make it simpler to whisk the roux into a smooth fluid. Blend this blend like insane to begin, trying to get all base and sides of the dish. A level bottomed whisk will work, yet I exceptionally prescribe you purchase a warmth safe elastic spatula. An elastic spatula is simple on the skillet and clears all aspects of the surface. Once the underlying percolating has died down and the roux has gone smooth, steadily include the rest of the flour.
  3. Mix the roux quickly. Expel it from the warmth and lower the warmth in the event that you have any uncertainty that you are getting clusters cooking too quick. On the off chance that it smolders, you should begin once again. This cluster took me 45 minutes of blending to get it to my fancied shading. The time will diminish as you discover how quick you can cook the flour/fat blend without copying.
  4. At the point when the roux achieves a dim chestnut, put it aside (expel it from the dish in case you’re apprehensive it will smolder) and cook your vegetables. Warm 2 Tbsp spread in a skillet over medium-high warmth. Include the onion, celery, and poblano. Cook until daintily sautéed and mollified. Include the garlic and cook until the garlic discharges its fragrance – around 1 minute. Pour the vegetables in a stock pot.
  5. Rather than simply cooking with water or premade stock, we will extricate some flavor from shellfish. In a medium stockpot, put the crab paws (I utilized shake crab) and cover with 4 qts of water. Add salt to taste. Start the bubble, and peel the crude shrimp. Add the shrimp shell to the stock. Bubble for around 30 minutes. You can begin this first and cook the roux while the stock cooks. Generally slash the shrimp and return it to the cooler, as this will get included toward the end.
  6. In the skillet you used to chestnut the vegetables, saute the fish filet for one moment for every side. Season with fish bubble if sought. Generally slash with a spatula and add to the stock pot. Haul the crab hooks out of the stock and split the meat out of them. Add the paws back to the stock to concentrate more flavor. Cook for an additional 10 minutes and strain your stock.
  7. Include the crayfish and okra (defrosted), and the crab meat (that you cooked and purchased arranged). Include the roux, then the stock. Move to the stove and cook over medium warmth until the soup reaches boiling point, blending once in a while. Include the narrows leaves and extra water or stock as coveted. Cook for 30 minutes – 60 minutes. Kill the warmth and let the gumbo sit as fancied to give the flavors a chance to smooth.
Serve over rice as sought or potentially with garlic bread.

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