Your understanding of fashion according to taste


Your understanding of fashion according to taste

Fashion week is going on, maybe you go and watch trendy outfits or accessories on the podium. Maybe you are a strict follower of fashion magazines. I understand very well from fashion, I follow constant improvement. You can even say that it will be the fashion that I wear from time to time. The concept of fashion is a little contradictory. It is not always suitable for you in every fashion. It can not be such a fashion. Wear and wear things that fit your personality, perhaps your proportion (height-weight-body line proportions), skin color, your hair, your eyes, your body shape and your soul. But you will be stylish and beautiful in this way.

This is also true for the men I refer to. Days and days of the people of the world of stage and show do not fall from the agenda. Do not you try to get them done, find them and wear them! You think that you walked half naked in raw clothes made from raw meat! Anyway, this is your joke. I know there are ladies who are excited not even in fashion, even in the middle of reading my writing. Shopping, fashion, innovation, beauty, aesthetics, harmony ..

These concepts exist for women. Have you ever examined yourself, the buyer’s eye from top to bottom? Do you have style, that is, you have a dress of your own, do you have style? Do you usually get help from the counter or your friend? Do you like it, do you shop for hours? Do you think you’ll be fashionable with expensive clothes? How do you like combos, you think you reflect? Actually, the answer to these questions is very simple. Look carefully and note every day of the week. At the end of the week you will understand your style a little more.

Is the sport mu, classical, sexy – feminine, serious, masked or exaggerated? What is your fashion taste? We are choosing, taking and using the ladies without even realizing the things that completely reflect your soul and your character. That’s your essence. After all, even if we run after a suitcase or a bag we like to see, we do not like the combination or the piece, and we do not think it reflects our spirit underneath. You are lively, colorful, social, chatty and feminine, you can use red without hesitation everywhere.

You feel very comfortable in the reds. You can choose calm and seductive, either pastel shades or dark colors. Your understanding of fashion is on your taste. I am very enjoyable, I have good memories, I have absolutely nothing to wear. Unfortunately, it does not suit what we wear. This world is the same in a beautifully chosen woman, it has nothing to do with you. I passed the fashion, if any piece does not fit you, it is impossible for you to look good and look good.

And if you see it in your store or shop, do not ask for parts that we are in love with. We can fly from happiness at the moment. Here he is, I am a dreamer, I found him and I feel I should try it. Sometimes we can even try it. If a piece of color, fabric, pattern, texture maybe be seen in brand or style icons, we fall in love. I do not think there’s much to be done in these situations.

Because a woman can not be stopped for shopping .. She must take what she likes. The second platinum comes to his liking, and he can love him, integrate with him and reflect his soul. The clothes, accessories and shoes you choose are totally enjoyable and up to you. As long as you do not force it, take it willingly and use it with your fingers.

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